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Oakwood Homes of Florence, South Carolina is proud to offer a large selection of modular, mobile, and manufactured homes with high-quality amenities and features designed to fit any budget. Florence is home to numerous attractions including multiple museums, historic sites, art galleries and theaters. As part of the Pee Dee region, it is known for its beautiful rolling hills and charming small towns. Additionally, Florence boasts a vibrant downtown with plenty of restaurants, shops and nightlife. With so much to see and do in Florence, you can be sure that Oakwood Homes will provide an incredible selection of homes that not only fit your budget and needs, but also help you become a part of the thriving Florence area. Stop by our office today and get started on your journey to finding the perfect home for your family!

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We create beautiful, affordable and strong manufactured homes with energy-efficient features. See for yourself why our homes are the smart choice.

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Enjoy a whole new level of home performance and energy savings with our EnergySmart Zero™ homes that can save you tens of thousands** over the life of your home.


A building process is only as good as what goes into it. For us, that means quality products from the world's most trusted brands, so your home is built to last a lifetime.*

* With proper home maintenance.

** EnergySmart Zero™ homes are built with energy efficient features and made to DOE Zero Energy Ready Home™ program specifications.

EnergySmart Zero™

Limited time offer available on new EnergySmart Zero™ homes.

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